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    Delegate Assembly
    Nominations are open now through January 7 for members of CSBA's policy-making body, the Delegate Assembly. See qualifications and download forms here.
    Props 51, 55, 56, 58
    All four of the 2016 statewide propositions supported by CSBA (Props 51, 55, 56 and 58) were approved by California voters on Nov. 8. Two of these measures are crucial to maintaining current education funding levels. Read the statement from CSBA President Chris Ungar.
    Livestream the General Sessions
    If you can't make it to one of AEC's General Sessions, stream it! Free livestreaming is available for CSBA members this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Learn more about the speaker lineup and join us.
    Latest briefs

    Read CSBA's latest governance briefs on student achievement: Supporting the California Next Generation Science Standards and Summer and STEAM Make an Ideal Match. See additional topics here.


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    Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance Teams 

    This updated guide helps governance teams negotiate the charter petition process and provides information on oversight.

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